5 hustlers you need to know about

When asked to name the first entrepreneur that comes to your mind, who would you think of?

Mark Zuckerberg? Elon Musk? Casey Neistat? Steve Jobs?

To know is to learn, and that's what the following five people I'm about to talk about are people that you should probably look up in your spare time. These hustlers are the hidden gems, the un-talked-about. But all of them have a bada*s attitude that we should all take notes from.



1. Steli Efti (LA's Zeus 2.0)

When there's Steli, there's sales.

Being the Greek god of closing sales, that title didn't come easy. Like every one of us, Steli had dreams. So he bought a one-way ticket to the valley of dreams, and worked on building a sexy tech startup...

Which flopped.

It was a sales business for venture-backed startups in the Silicon Valley. Despite doing B2B sales for over 200 companies, he found that there wasn't a reliable sales software to efficiently close sales. So, like any innovator would, he built his own (with the help of his team, of course).

Next thing you know, sales representatives and clients were knocking on his door, trying to buy his sales software. And Close.io was founded.

Steli Efti, from taking two whole years to raise $100,000, now raises over $1.5 million in a few weeks. His determination and grit ultimately crowned him as the king of hustle in the Silicon Valley.

Learn more from his sweet victory at: http://blog.close.io/author/steli-efti



2. Tim Urban (the master procrastinator)

Tim is one of the Internet's most popular bloggers out there. And we know "popular" can be a vague term, so let's break it down:

His famous blog, Wait but Why, has over millions of unique page views, famous fans like Elon Musk, Evan Williams and Chris Anderson to name a few, and is filled with low grade comic figures.

Oh and his TED talk has generated over 20 million views. No big deal.

But that didn't come without some good ole' hard work. Before launching Wait but Why, Tim wrote over 600 blog articles over the span of six years.

In order to find out what works, there has to be something that doesn't. And Tim is the proven success of it all.

Tim's view on why maximizing your time is important: https://waitbutwhy.com/2016/10/100-blocks-day.html



3. Candice Pool Neistat (just-do-it-er)

She's more than just Casey Neistat's wife. The self-proclaimed "tomboy" is a fashion icon. One of her newest ventures, Billy!, has seen immediate success with over 120K Instagram followers and a wide product lineup.

With two successful businesses as a benchmark for her success, she managed to meet a variety of fashion needs.

Candice had always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. From selling lemonades in prime jogging locations when she was a child, to using leather to make cuffs (which she then sold to Patricia Fields, stylist for Sex and the City), she was always a firm believer in just doing it.

"If there isn't a straight line to get somewhere, use a curvy line instead", Candice says in an interview with Resource Magazine. With her badass attitude and desire to never stop learning, she's embodied what being a boss truly means.

Check out Finn and Billy! at: https://www.finnjewelry.com/ and https://www.lovebilly.com/



4. John Zimmer (the nicest guy, like ever.)

If there's one very important that every one has to learn from John, it would be humility. The Lyft co-founder has made it clear that bashing competition to get ahead such as Uber is by no means a way to win.

Graduating Cornell University with a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Administration, John worked as an analyst at Lehman Brothers. But he wanted to do more. He wanted to challenge major cities' infrastructures. In wanting to build a safe and friendly environment to commute (with its initial intention focused around the safety of women), Lyft was founded.

Whether Lyft is Uber's direct competition or not, one thing's for sure: John just wants to make a positive impact in the world through entrepreneurship.

Now you must be wondering, why the hell would he work as an analyst if he wanted to be an entrepreneur? By working for the Lehman Brothers, John got the financial background that he needed to kick off the business.

In always challenging the status quo, John has emerged as one of the most humble leaders of today.

John spilling the deets on "how he did it" at https://www.acast.com/howididit



5. Seth Godin (it's Seth mothaf*ckin Godin)

The wizard of the 21st Century.

The legendary Seth Godin is the author of 18 bestseller books (think Linchpin, Tribes and Purple Cow) and a world-class speaker. His TED talk has generated over 6 million views, and is the founder of Yoyodine and Squidoo before focusing on his writing, speaking and blogging.

He's a firm believer in dancing with resistance, thus documenting his ideas and in turn, revolutionize marketing. He's the brainchild behind Permission Marketing, and shifting product-based marketing efforts to relation-based marketing.

By challenging the status quo (the education system included), his creative genius has spawned from being a mere thought to an actual dialogue.

Seth's all about getting stuff out there, and not being afraid of the flinch.

Be amazed at his GODinLY words: http://www.sethgodin.com/sg/

How are you f*cking the flinch today?