Steli EFTI

Founder & CEO |

When there's Steli, there's sales.

Being the Greek god of closing sales, that title didn't come easy. Like every one of us, Steli had dreams. So he bought a one-way ticket to the valley of dreams, and worked on building a sexy tech startup...

Which flopped.

It was a sales business for venture-backed startups in the Silicon Valley. Despite doing B2B sales for over 200 companies, he found that there wasn't a reliable sales software to efficiently close sales. So, like any innovator would, he built his own (with the help of his team, of course).

Next thing you know, sales representatives and clients were knocking on his door, trying to buy his sales software. And was founded.

Steli Efti, from taking two whole years to raise $100,000, now raises over $1.5 million in a few weeks. His determination and grit ultimately crowned him as the king of hustle in the Silicon Valley.