Shivani Siroya

CEO | inventure

Shivani Siroya is currently the CEO of InVenture. Shivani has a wide array of professional experiences in investment banking, health costing and microfinance. She previously worked at UNFPA, Citigroup and Health Net. Shivani is a 2013 Ashoka Fellow, 2013 TED Fellow, 2013 Ashoka Fellow, 2011 Echoing Green Fellow and 2011 Unreasonable Institute Fellow. InVenture is a mobile technology and data science company accelerating the unprecedented emergence of 3 billion unbanked people into the global middle class. InVenture's solution includes consumer-facing applications and big data analytics working in unison to flip the traditional credit model and put power into the hands of newly empowered consumers, thereby unlocking trillions of dollars in purchasing power and credit in the world’s most important (yet most neglected) markets. InVenture's work has been recognized by USAID, the Economist, Vodafone, Bloomberg, and Forbes.