Nicolas Duvernois

Founder I Pur Vodka

Nicolas is the founding president of PUR vodka and romeo’s gin. An entrepreneur at heart, Nicolas Duvernois has always been full of ideas.After his first business endeavour went sour in 2006, he decided to foundPUR Vodka. Since he knew absolutely nothing about the industry, it all began with a Google search for the word “vodka.” In order to finance the project, Mr. Duvernois worked as a hospital janitor by night and vodka developer by day for more than four years.

PUR vodka is the first vodka produced in Quebec and the most award-winning Canadian vodka having won more than 44 prestigious international medals including 4 times world’s best vodka.

romeo’s gin is a canvas of expression which never ceases to evolve. Every limited edition showcases selected artwork from various contemporary and urban artists, from Montreal and beyond. A gin celebrating creativity, embodying audacious and fresh flavours.

ADOPT Inc. was set up by Nicolas Duvernois, founder of PUR Vodka and romeo’s gin, Anne Marcotte, successful entrepreneur, and Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien III, businessman and seasoned investor, to build connections between experienced entrepreneurs (the adopters) and those building early-stage companies (the adopted). 

It’s a unique entrepreneurial experience that aims to give the next generation of business leaders a helping hand, both financially and strategically, during the first days – often a critical time marked by make-or-break challenges. 

A unique conference to tell an extraordinary story! Peppered with humour and anecdotes, the audience will experience the full range of human emotion; from laughter to sadness, stress to relief, it’s a tale that is sure to touch everyone. Nicolas will share the story of how he became a successful entrepreneur. It’s the extraordinary story of a young man who started with nothing—or rather, who rebounded from a disastrous business undertaking and within a few years went from sweeping the floors of a children’s hospital to making the world’s best vodka!