Mike Smith

Founder | Skate for Change

Professional teenager, social entrepreneur, consultant, founder, husband, and proud Husky owner Mike Smith Live has been on one mission for the past seven years – "Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken."

Starting with some recycled skateboard ramps and a reckless pursuit of his passions, Mike was able to create one of the most unique youth facilities and indoor skateparks in the country in his non-profit, The BAY, and its offshoot, Skate For Change.

Since its first inception in 2011, The BAY has grown into more than just a skatepark - it's a 30,000+ square-foot youth outreach center that focuses on skate, art, music, coffee, and community.

Today, Mike is one of the biggest youth speakers in the world and is the host of his own show, The Harbor by Jostens.