Mandy & Rebecca Wolfe

Founders | Mandy's

In 2004, Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe opened up Montreal’s first create-your-own salad bar in the back of a women’s clothing store.

With no prior food, business, marketing or advertising experience, the sisters played upon their strengths: Mandy came up with an original menu while Rebecca designed the interior of the restaurant. They crossed their fingers and opened the doors.....

Against all odds it worked! The people had spoken! Gourmet salads were what they wanted. The sisters could hardly keep up with the demand as word caught on and the MANDY's salad-loving family grew.

Fast forward to 2017, MANDY'S has 4 locations in Montreal with more on the way- locally and internationally. MANDY'S has a talented team of 130 and still growing.

Mandy is Creative Food Director and Chef. Rebecca designs all locations and heads Brand Marketing.