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What is Legacy?

Canada’s largest student-run entrepreneurship conference that brings together hundreds of students from top universities across the country with a driving passion for entrepreneurship and leadership

Legacy Ambassador?

A student who can network their way into getting the top students on their campus on board for the 2020 Legacy Conference


Get Free ticket to the Legacy Conference. Attend an exclusive VIP networking reception. Join a community of top ambassadors from across Canada

Put Yourself On the Map


Current ambassadors

Central Canada

Jeffrey Ye, University of Toronto

Supriya Agarwal, University of Toronto

Aaron Agyemang, Carleton University

Anshul Kapoor, University of Waterloo

Safa Syed, University of Ottawa

Allan Christian Sorian, Queen’s University

Shawrav Yeasin, University of Ottawa

Brandyn Coulas, University of Ottawa

Morgan Mckeen, Carleton University




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