A Dream Speaker Lineup

Legacy is a time and place where some of the most notable entrepreneurs gather in a room with Canada's smart/entrepreneurial minded students and share stories (good and bad).


So, question:
How does a group of students from Ottawa get the attention of 

  • Co-founder of DAVIDsTEA, David Segal
  • VP SEO for TripAdvisor & advisor for Twitter, Pinterest and Quora, Luc Levesque
  • Top 5 Women entrepreneurs changing the world, Kelly Hoey

We care enough.

Passion is noticed, it's contagious & it attracts people. 


^ Some of the entrepreneurs/hustlers/doers coming out to Legacy to share their stories. See more here.

In 2 days, they'll all be in Ottawa making our event's vision come true. But for now, we're taking you back to HOW it all started.

Step 1 - The hunt for great people

We couldn't just reach out to anyone, it had to be people who were legit and whose experience mattered to students. 

People who had accomplished things that may sometimes seem unreachable. 

People who are world leaders in their field.

We did our research

We did our research

STep 2 - Get their contact info

After we found our hustlers, we'd have to find their e-mails (a whole new challenge). With tools like: E-mail hunter or Anymail Finder.

Email Hunter

Email Hunter

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.27.49 PM.png


Most of the time you just land on the domain name and you have to go through the guessing game:

Step 3 - craft an irresistible email

Once you have their contact info you may think you're set, but that was the easy part. NOW you have to research EVERYTHING about their past, put your "I am funny yet professional" thinking cap on and write the best e-mail of your life.

REALLY get creative, they receive hundreds of e-mails per day. Why would they bother reading, let alone responding to yours.

We get really creative when it comes down to getting the attention of our speakers. Also, don't be scared to get creepy and bring up something they did in 2008. 

Step 4 - follow-up

This is what separates the winners from the losers. 

Chances are, big shot entrepreneurs will ignore you the first time. But don't take it personally and keep following up with them.

It's not annoying, it's a necessity. What's the worst that can happen? They keep ignoring you?


step 5 - make it worth their while

Facilitate their transportation, their accommodation, their time slots... Basically if they want caviar you get them that caviar. 

FUN FACT: Legacy used to be in November, it fell right on American ThanksGiving which meant most of our US speakers could not make it. So we moved it by 5 months. 

FUN FACT #2: Legacy is over 90% sold out right now. If you haven't bought your ticket yet, get yours now: