From Hot Dogs to Breaking the 9-5 Mould

From selling hot dogs, to starting an online liquor store, to founding one of America's fastest growing media companies. 

Sam Parr has worked his way up to become America's king of content. How did he do it?



Being fired is not always a bad thing, right..?

After high school, the next "rational" step was to get a job, but...

"I used to be a smart ass, so everyone would fire me. Now I’m still kind of a smart ass but I’m not mean."
- Sam

After getting fired from over 6 to 7 jobs, he decided that he wanted to start a business. A profitable one that had to do with the Internet, because he knew that was where the smart money was. After some serious Googling, he found out that San Francisco was the place to live. 

And so he went on his way.

Even though he got hired at Airbnb, Sam never showed up. Instead, he started a company called "Bunk" with his friend - John Havel. Shortly enough, the business got acquired by Apartment List, which led to Sam saying "I quit because I wanna start something else".

Because he was lacking inspiration on creating the next best thing, he wanted to listen to a bunch of creative geniuses talk, but was immediately put off by the cost of a TED talk.

He wanted to make a conference bada*s, and not cost $10,000 per ticket.

Introducing HustleCon, that aims to empower the non-techies with startup tactics.

He read every book on copy writing, so that he could "learn to use words to convince people to do things". 

He leveraged on existing email addresses to market the sh*t out of the "last-minute" conference.


And then this happened.

And then this happened.


In 7 weeks, (that's like, less than two months) he hosted the 400 people conference with 15 top speakers. 

And it became very profitable.

(P.S. Register now to attend Hustle Con 2018 on June 22 in Oakland CA. It's the perfect summer getaway.)

"You gotta have balls of steel to run a profitable event... While I don't have steel balls, I have gotten used to the pressure." 

As Steve Jobs said, real artists ship. "You gotta have balls of steel to run a profitable event... While I don't have steel balls, I have gotten used to the pressure."  

After the mayhem of organizing a huge conference, he took a trip across America for sixty days to discover what America has to offer beyond business and innovation. For many, vacations have always been directly correlated to happiness. But Sam realized that all he wanted to do was be competitive.


"I wanted to work my ass off. I don't want to just chill". - Sam

After his well-deserved vacay, Sam realized that people loved his promotional content for Hustle Con just as much as the conference itself. And that's how The Hustle, America's fastest growing media company, was born.

The email newsletter sends out a daily email for millennials - talking about the important business and tech news, without political jargon. 


Soon enough, he was able to grow his email list from 0 to 100,000 people in less than a year. 

Not only that, but twelve companies that spoke at the conference (including General Assembly, Amazon, and Nerd Wallet) invested half a million dollars to show their support for the Hustle. 

"We’re going to be the brand that 20-something wanna-be entrepreneurs say 'I’m going to take down The Hustle' when they’re trying to raise money for their idea." - Sam

And Sam's not afraid to tell you how he did it. 

He's an active writer on The Hustle despite his busy lifestyle, and spills valuable insights as much as he can. Like this article about why Steve Jobs was an a-hole.

Last year, Hustle Con got big names like Casey Neistat and Miguel McKelvey. And the Hustle's only getting bigger.

This year, the service-oriented media brand is not just with more ticketed events, but is gearing towards being a software and product recommendation service.


"If you’re reading this (a blog about starting companies), you most likely cross the intelligence threshold of having what it takes. So, when you see someone big, think that you and them are the same and use that to push away any fear." - Sam Parr on his Launch Summit Interview.

Meet the king of content, and get that one-to-one chat with him. (Yep, he's mentoring at Legacy this year.)

Hustle Con 2018 is happening on June 22, 2018.