How We Got Steli Efti to Speak

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"You're either building sh*t, or selling sh*t. Everything else is wasteful."

When you think of Steli Efti, you'll think The Sales God.

He's helped more than 200 venture-backed startups to build and scale their sales processes. He's also closed thousands of deals worth tens of millions of dollars.


Getting speakers is a tricky one, especially when we are student-run and completely non-profit.

Last year we gave you a rundown on how we got Brian Wong to speak at The Legacy Conference 2017. 

This year, we're going to tell you how we got the top sales icon of Silicon Valley to speak. 


If you don't know who Steli Efti is, here's a summary on why you should:


(Watch from 2:45 to 4:30)


With him speaking at top conferences like Pioneers Festival and Tedx, we knew he was going to be a tough cookie to get. 

But we decided to try anyway. 


"When you show up, magic f*king happens."

And "showing up" means taking that comfortable first step - sending that first email, making that first call, going to a conference like Legacy.

So we drafted an email, and "showed up" in his inbox. 


But we knew it wasn't enough.

Steli Efti is all about the "power of follow-ups".

So he said: "I am not always their number one priority, so I will follow up until that person has a chance to respond.

And so we did

After the third follow up, he finally responded:


It wasn't an immediate yes, but we knew that we had to "always, always, always follow up". 

The CEO in his talk at PODIM Conference 2016 mentioned that "the beauty is that most humans - they show up once and they go silent. They never ever follow up or follow through."


So here's to you, hustler. For following up and following through. Join the community of like-minded doers.

Learn how to with Steli on March 24th, 2018.