Got that end of summer sadness?

Summer's coming to an end.

We feel you.

We feel you.

Okay, enough crying...It's time for a check up. 

Please pick one of the following options:

Are you a(n)...

  • Undergraduate student
  • Graduate student
  • Recent graduate

Do you...

  • Experience anxiety when you hear the words "back-to-school season"
  • Draw a blank when people ask you what you plan on doing after your graduate
  • Dream of settling into the perfect routine this year
    Or maybe...
  • You're just looking for a change

*Please wait while we run our diagnosis*

Seems like you caught the "back to business sickness".

Research shows 3/4 students suffer from it.
Not to worry we've got a fix for you. 
If you're experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Wanting to build
    • Tired of walking around with a bunch of ideas every day.
    • Daydream about executing and seeing results.
  • Becoming a leader
    • Effectively leading a team, inspiring them to believe in your vision.
  • Having the intellectual horsepower to tackle complex problems
    • Wanting to be that person that kills it at everything.
      • igh GPA, winning competitions, work experience, sports, ...
      • We all know that person.
  • Dreaming of becoming a founder/co-founder of an exceptional company
    • Thinking big, not being scared of failing.

Sounds like you? Glad you've consulted us.

Here's a cure to your back to business sickness:


Basecamp is a bit sized, Snickers version of Legacy.

In an exclusive environment you’ll chat with other student leaders, meet your future co-founder and learn about Canada’s top accelerator program:

The Next 36

The Next 36

Partnering with Legacy on Sept 12th for the first of its kind event.

That's right, our first Basecamp event.

Who will be there?

  • The Next 36 organizers
  • The Next 36 Alumni
  • Ottawa's top student entrepreneurs
  • Soon to be announced speakers

More about the Next 36

The Next 36 is a program that accelerates the growth of Canada’s most talented young entrepreneurs.

Each year, they choose 36 young Canadian innovators and challenge them to build a new business venture or iterate and scale an existing idea with enormous potential. They provide them with involved mentorship, up to $50K in seed capital, an unparalleled founder development program, in-kind resources from their partners, and more.

You can get more information at

“We believe that by fast-tracking the development of Canada’s most talented young innovators, we will help create industry-changing businesses and grow Canada's long-term prosperity.” - N36

Their applications are now open and they're touring around Canada, dropping knowledge on the students in different campuses. 

On Sept 12th, you'll get to meet, greet and learn about their program, hear from their alumni and be surrounded by Ottawa's top young entrepreneurs.

BUT (because there's always a but), spots are limited to 36!

Don't leave this 'till the last minute .
(we're students, procrastination is our most endorsed skill on LinkedIn
), we believe in you, take a second to:

Join Ottawa's student entrepreneurs community.