function deCODE (you, startups) {}

Hey coders,

Haha.. am I right?

I’m sorry, I’m in marketing, I couldn’t find one programming joke I understood, BUT here’s something I do understand. As students, it can be hard to connect with companies, get involved with real world problems and get recruited.

So, our team came up with a solution:

Yeah, lit AF.

Yeah, lit AF.

deCODE - a hackathon which pairs students up with high-growth startups to solve problems that the companies are facing. The students selected will get to work closely with recruiting tech companies and showcase their skills.
PS. deadline is March 10th* Link to application HERE

If you’re wondering
*is it worth it?*

Not only is it FREE for participants, you also get to attend Canada’s largest student-led entrepreneurship conference, The Legacy Conference for free.
At Legacy, you’ll get to connect with top student-leaders from across Canada and moar startups.

At deCODE, participating companies include:

Before writing this I asked our conference director to give me a little backstory on deCODE. His response:

That was a joke.

But seriously, the inspiration? He said it was personal.

I always wanted to connect with cool companies, to see what it was like working with them and see what problems they’re facing. I’ve always wanted to easily connect smart, ambitious people with companies who are doing things differently and challenging industries.

And contribute my experiences and thoughts to that company’s mission, in a pretty unique way.

His vision came true, the first deCODE happened back in 2015 *spoiler alert* it was a huge success.

You can check out the video.

So don’t miss out.

Apply NOW before the March 10th deadline, link to application HERE.

Yes. We want you, you code wizard.

Yes. We want you, you code wizard.