Who run the world?

As we all know the entrepreneurship world seems to be quite male oriented.

However, here at the Legacy Conference, we understand that that is simply... 


Women entrepreneurs are absolutely killing it in the startup game.

Fun fact: Did you know over 54% of current Legacy 2016 attendees are female?

Legacy is also bringing you 9+ awesome female entrepreneurs, to talk to you about how they found success with their companies and endeavours.

These speakers range from awesome writers, like Leah Hunter,

To superhero-like coders, like Poornima Vijayashanker,


To straight up girl bosses, like Kelly HoeyAnne MarcotteVarelie CroesJharonne Martis, and Devon Brooks.

Shoutout to these awesome ladies for representing, and for coming to Legacy!

Also, we can't forget all of our outstanding girl bosses on the Legacy Team, making up 50% of the squad. They have been hustling all year long to bring you this awesome event. 

So, on behalf of the Legacy Team....