if you're reading this, you love what you do

WARNING: Skip this rant if you just want to get to the good stuff. I promise I'll tell you when it's over. 

So, my cellphone broke and as I was driving to get it fixed, I had to opt for the radio. That's what you gotta do when the AUX cord isn't an option anymore.

I tune in and the first thing I hear is:

"We'll be playing 2 commercial free hours while you're slaving away at work" - Sound effect: *Make it stoooop*

That actually made me appreciate the fact that I genuinely enjoy doing this. I don't mind staying up late or even working on weekends, unlike Leela from Futurama who "lives for the weekends".

What's crazy is that I'm not the only one that feels this way, not even close. It's like a new era's begun. The entrepreneurial spirit is being spread all over the globe. 

People across different fields and backgrounds-- arts, engineering, maths-- who never even knew what they were doing was entrepreneurial are creating things of their own. 

It's as if starting your own business is the new job security.

"Not long ago, dropping out of school to start a company was considered risky. For this generation, it is a badge of honour, evidence of ambition and focus. Very few dropouts become tycoons, but 'failure' today often means going back to school or taking a six-figure job at a big tech company."
- Daisuke Wakabayashi

Rant over

(I'd still consider that quote ^ part of the good stuff though.)

If you ask anyone around you to define an entrepreneur, they'll most likely tell you "a self confident person who independently started his/her own business from scratch".

If you’re seeking the real definition, the dictionary defines it as "someone who organizes and manages any business with considerable initiative and risk taking".

Does it mean that anyone who has an innovative idea can be an entrepreneur?


it’s more than just having a brilliant pitch.
It’s a way of thinking, of dreaming, of playing.
It’s striving for success in an innovative field.

At Legacy, our speakers are our athletes: Cristiano Ronaldo, Sydney Cosby, LeBron James or Mikael Phelps.

^They all failed at some point, BUT what’s different about them is that they took advantage of their darkest moments to climb the highest hill... the hill of success.



Being an entrepreneur means you have passion-- a passion that drives you to act & to do things.
It’s not for the sake of being rich, but to satisfy your personal standards.

Our standards are to bring the Legacy conference to a higher level, not by organizing a typical conference but by putting together the biggest game, featuring the most elite players

If you're someone who already loves what they do, then you should probably come.

If you're someone who hates what they're doing, then you should DEFINITELY come to Legacy.