A Little Bit of Google Magic

Have you ever tried Googling restaurants in your favourite city?

If yes then you should've noticed a pattern....

TripAdvisor is often the first site that shows up. 


Don't believe us?

Then try Googling: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec + the word "restaurant". 

If anyone of these doesn't have TripAdvisor as their top 3 result, take a screenshot of you results page and we will send you $10 via Paypal (real talks, just e-mail hello@legacyottawa.ca).

So who's behind all of this dark magic? 

Illuminati? Not quite.

MR. Luc Levesque

Mr.Luc Levesque is VP SEO of TripAdvisor. Luc and his team lead search engine optimization for TripAdvisor.

They make sure that when you google for something travel related, that TripAdvisor is often one of the first search results.

Luc and his team are good at what they do.

Their work drives millions of customers to TripAdvisor.com, helping it be the world's largest travel site.

Pretty cool huh?

Luc scratches his entrepreneurial itch by advising companies like Twitter, Pinterest, Quora AND many more awesome high growth companies.


At the age of 21, Luc founded www.travelpod.com, the world's first travel blogging platform.  


That was 10 years ago, since then Expedia acquired TravelPod.

Today, Luc is an executive at TripAdvisor and an advisor to some of the world’s most important companies like Twitter, Pinterest and Quora. He’s been the recipient of many local and international awards for his work in leadership and the creation of 3 successful high growth consumer Web products:

Legacy Conference

When we first met with Luc to discuss him speaking at the Legacy Conference, he mentioned he liked the name of our event.

Because that's what he feels he's currently doing, building his own Legacy.
Including speaking, Luc is very passionate about everything he does.


"I love building and growing teams, leading innovative Web products and optimizing SEO, SEM, viral and whatever else it takes to scale online businesses to reach millions of customers."
- Luc Levesque, luclevesque.com


At Legacy (April 1st & 2nd), he will be speaking about his own experiences, and the focus of growth, how to prioritize growth with your company.

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