How to: thrive in Today's exponential times

We met up with Shawn Kanungo, a Senior Manager at Deloitte's Strategy and Operation's practice. His focus? Innovation! Shawn has spent the past decade operating at the intersection of creativity, business and technology. 

At the Legacy Conference, on April 1-2, Shawn will be sharing his experiences with innovation, tackling the one-of a kind phenomenon of DJ Khaled and SnapChat.

Many organizations are unprepared to deal with disruptors and our job is to help them get prepared

So... what does Shawn do exactly?
Him and his team help organizations make breakthroughs, create an impact, and become 10 times better than the status quo.

How? By strategizing, which is becoming more about innovation, being flexible, lean, nimble, and the ability to adapt to the environment that you're in. "Adapting to new business models and technologies is the new game".

Alright so what's a disruptor then..? 
Technologies are advancing FAST and industry leaders are fighting for survival. Analysts believe more than 40% of the companies on the S&P 500 will disappear in 10 years (that's huge) Competition is hard to predict... Amazon's disrupted bookstores, Apple's transformed the music industry, mapping apps replaced GPS devices, the list goes on. 

(We found a cool article about the Top 10 ways to avoid being disrupted! Like, just in case you're a Fortune 500 company. Or interested. Anyways...) 


Speaking of Competition, 

let's talk about uber

I recently ran a workshop with a group in charge of running a state’s entire transportation system, and asked them ‘how many people in this room have tried Uber?’. Out of the 40 executives, only one had even tried it. It’s remarkable, and scary, to think that some governments are unwilling to even explore new innovations - particularly the ones relevant to them!

UBER's a company that gets it. Who else?
Shawn mentioned two more sharp companies:

This one tho.png

"Brilliant strategy: to attend, you have to pay thousands of dollars... but all the content is uploaded online for people to watch for free. They've almost hacked their own network effect to create a brand around their talks and speakers. TED is a small organization, but their ideas spread everywhere across the globe." 


"Innovative & exponential: they're huge, but not because people go to BuzzFeed directly. They understand the power of social networks, and their content is everywhere. They produce content so compelling that people naturally share it."


Shawn's message to students
"You're in the best position to build companies."

You don't have a mortgage, you're not married, don't have kids (at least I hope). The opportunities are tremendous because in today's world, the barriers to entry are close to zero. You can go in, fail fast, test industries and ideas. 
Not to sound too cheesy but, it's an amazing time for you to be alive!

We asked Shawn what he'd be doing if he were a university student today:

"In today's age, I'd start by cutting off Netflix. Then, I'd get with a bunch of people who are entrepreneurial, ambitious, and driven. I'd tell them that we're living in an incredible time, and we should figure out some ideas and execute them! We'd dive into building apps, websites, and test them out really quickly. Basically, I would just do shit. You'll learn an incredible amount about marketing, designing, and building when you just do stuff.

Being a student can be overwhelming, but that wouldn't stop me from getting out and figuring out what I'm passionate about so I can start building stuff and throwing things out there - I think that's the best way to start anything.

I don't even know if I'd go to university nowadays. 

Yes - you make a lot of great connections at school, but learning happens in the real world. With no barriers to entry, today, you can learn on the fly.